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A Land Development Plan is a tool used for guiding the growth and redevelopment of the County as well as preservation of natural features and character. Accordingly, there are many public touch points throughout the process to solicit feedback on the progress. This page will be regularly updated to include materials produced and feedback received during the planning process. 

Current County Comprehensive Plan


Survey Results

Steering Committee Materials

Stakeholder Interview Summary

Additional Resources:

Higher-Density Development: Myth and Fact

by the Urban Land Institute & Sierra Club

The Effect of Density Zoning on Racial Segregation in US by Dr. J Rothwell and Dr. DS Massey

Farms Under Threat: Choosing an Abundant Future

by National Agricultural Land Network

Current Practices and Challenges for Modelling Past and Future Land Use and Land Cover Changes in Mountainous Regions

by Kozak et. al.

Density Done Right

by Ryerson University City Building Institute

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