Extensive public participation is a key component of the County Comprehensive Plan and we want to hear from you throughout the process. Your thoughts, ideas, and participation are vital for the success of this effort. Over the course of the project, we will host several public meetings where we will ask for your input and feedback on the Plan as it is developed. Stay tuned for opportunities for input!


Upcoming Public Input

Open House Meetings


In addition to sending out over 64,000 surveys in the tax bill, Henderson County staff is hosting over ten public input meetings in different areas of the County from September through December.

Please drop-in on any event convenient for you and your family, friends, coworkers, etc. You can choose whichever location is easiest for you!  These meetings will all contain the same public input activities and can be joined at any point within the specified time range. Staff will be available to facilitate dialogue and answer questions, but the events are styled so you can go through the activities independently and at your own pace. Kids are welcome to attend. Let your voice be heard!




Meeting in a Box!

The Project team compiled the following document to help community members to conduct their
own Meeting-in-a-Box. This is an engagement tool designed for use by civic and neighborhood
associations, community groups, or friends to gather and share their ideas for the future of
Henderson County. Public input is invaluable to the planning process and will help to inform and
shape the 2045 Henderson County Comprehensive Plan. This Meeting-in-a-Box toolkit contains
everything you need to host a discussion about the future of Henderson County!


Click here to download your Meeting in a Box

Click here to download the Project Overview Presentation

**Video Presentation Coming Soon**